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Experience the ultimate freshness of our premium Azumarikishi Kiwamisizuku Junmai (Shinshu) once a year with our limited time offer! Don't miss out on this chance to indulge in the smooth and delicate flavors - get 2 bottles for just $120. Hurry, this offer won't last long!
Pairing Suggestions: Fried food, Scallop, Steam food, Hot pot, Yakitori

Azumarikishi Kiwamisizuku Junmai (Shinshu)

Experience the ultimate freshness of our premium Azumarikishi Kiwamisizuku Junmai (Shinshu) once a year with our limited time offer! Don't miss out on this chance to indulge in the smooth and delicate flavors.
Pairing Suggestions: Fried food, Scallop, Steam food, Hot pot, Yakitori

Kisoji Tokubetsu Junmaishu

Specially brewed with low temperature, long term fermentation.

A light ageing process of roughly a 1 to 2 years balances the sake's flavor. As a result of maturing, you can appreciate the umami and thick flavour of this sake.

Pairing Suggestions: Hot Pot, Nabemono, Tempura

Kisoji Sanwari (30%) Koji Junmaishu

The rich taste derived from Koji, clear acidly taste and amino acidly deriver from fermentation, these complex tastes has expressed from increasing Koji.
Recommended for Beginners
Pairing Suggestions: Sashimi, Light Food

Kisoji Junmaiginjo

Pairing Suggestions
Clams, Yakiniku, Zi Char

Kisoji Daiginjo Yamadanishiki 35

Pairing Suggestions
Sashimi, Carpaccio, Tofu, Tempura

16th Kurouemon Kimoto Junmai Omachi

Pairing Suggestions
Heavy Cheese, Spice, Mushroom

16th Kurouemon Yamahai Junmai

Pairing Suggestions
Cheese, Pasta, Heavy Cheese

Akitabare Another Advance

A new brand "A-Ace" by Mr. Nomoto, Haru Akita brewer who is famous for "Suirakuten". This is a series that uses that young sensibility to take on new challenges. Akitabare Another Advance Haru Akita's another advance. The enthusiasm is conveyed in the three "A" letters on the label.

Ace Blue aims to design sake quality that is as transparent as water. The sharpness is well expressed with a slight bitterness derived from the underground water of Araya, Akita City. It is the hottest in the series (sake content +7) and has a more light mouthfeel.

Pairing Suggestions: Hot Pot, Sashimi, Tempura

Akitabare Suirakuten Classic

An afforadable classic premium sake
Pairing Suggestions

Ayakiku Sanuki Olive Junmaishu

A new sake made from the yeast "Sanuki Olive Yeast" collected from olives in Kagawa Prefecture. It is a sake with a refreshing acidity, a refreshing taste, and a refreshing flavor with a strong rice flavor.
Pairing Suggestions: Carpaccio, Italian, Truffle, Croquette

Dassai 23

Intense, fragrant floral and melon notes drizzled with clear honey dance on your palate. This sake is fresh-tasting without the brashness of nama (unpasteurized) sake and has a long, elegant, dry finish.

Kaze No Mori Alpha 2 Manakatori

Kaze no Mori was born in 1998, inspired by a desire to offer local people the chance to drink unpasteurized sake made from rice grown locally. The name Kaze no Mori comes from the “Kaze no Mori mountain pass” in Gose City. Situated at the foot of the lush green Kongo–Katsuragi mountain range, a pleasant wind blows through the area throughout the year.
Juicy, Melon, Blood Plum, Orange and Lemongrass with a perfect balance of sweet and sour.

Kaze No Mori Alpha 7 Lamp Bar

This year's Type 7 comes with two unique barrel sticks. By soaking this in the sake, the concept is to put the flavour of the barrel on the sake and taste it.

Kaze No Mori Tsuyhakaze 507

The number "507" has a specific significance. The number "50 represent its rice polishing ratio while the number "7" represent the yeast number 7 utilized during the fermentation process that gave Kaze no Mori its flavor.

This rice is distinguished by its large starchy core known as "shinpaku", the complex yet pleasing taste it produces when brewed. This sake has depth, volume, and personality in addition to its clear and well-balanced finish.

Pairing Suggestions: Aperitif, Easy Evening Sake

Kaze No Mori Yamadanishiki 807

Have you ever wondered why the number 807? The number "80" represents the rice polishing ratio while the number "7" refers to yeast number 7 used during the fermentation which gives Kaze no Mori its fragrance.

Kaze no Mori is a superb sake with flavors of kiwi fruit, new season pineapple, nashi pear, a hint of aniseed, and minerals wrapped into a lively palate with the tiny fizzy bubbles dancing over your tongue.

Pairing Suggestions: Hot Pot, Sashimi, Tempura

Kuroushi Hekizan Yamada Nishiki

A versatile sake that can be paired with most food. This locally loved sake will no doubt become a staple in your collection. The aroma is serene, pure, and heavenly, like a rice field after harvest. It has a subtle white and black pepper spice flavor and a rice sweetness that is well-balanced. Umami, a pleasant flavor, lingers on the tongue after the initial flavor has subsided. A sensational beverage that is deserving of sharing from the first sip to the last drop. Pairing Suggestions: Yakiniku, Yakitori

Kuroushi Junmai Ginjo Omachi

Full Bodied Sake, Long Finish

Kuroushi's "Black Bull" is rich and ricey, with a mellow earthiness and a sense of leather. The Omachi rice varietal, made using the purest strain of sake rice, is showcased in this full-bodied, dry sake. The end product is a rich, layered, subtle, smooth yet robust sake that can be paired with almost any type of food but taste best when consumed with beef. With an aroma of white muscat grapes and citrus fruits, its soft acidic taste flows down the palate very smoothly with a lengthy and exquisite finish.

Pairing Suggestions: Yakitori, Fried Dishes, Clams