A sake guru and an amateur drinker, came together, brewing the best concoction of ideas that sparked the birth of O Sake! Throughout their many sake sessions, sharing their love for the popular Japanese national drink, they were united on a common goal to spread love and the knowledge of sake.

Our purpose is to ensure our uniquely curated range of sake collection is kept affordable and accessible to you. To further accentuate your experience and appreciate the stories in every sake bottle, we have assembled a series of tasting events and masterclasses.


At O Sake, we are a team of experienced and passionate individuals, here to serve you our wide array of carefully sourced and specially curated sakes. Every sake is unique and has a story waiting to unfold. Thoughtful selections by our sake guru ensures a good mix that caters to your preference, and at any occasion.

Experience optimal quality and freshness throughout our storing to delivery process and have your sake reach your door step, ready for your enjoyment!

Meet The Dynamic Duo Behind O Sake



Smith calls himself the hopeless alcoholic and a sake fan!
Known for his sharp palette and O Sake’s decoder, he is apt in differentiating between good and bad sakes. Smith enjoys good food and good quality drinks, together with a good company.

Smith’s sake recommendation – Anything Nama!



Meet the connector behind O Sake, Lifen. With a strong passion in exploring how different types of food pair well with different sakes, Lifen enjoys bringing people together. She sees great value in engaging with her customers to understand their needs. Lifen, too comes with experience in running a F&B business.
Her philosophy – right price, right pairing.

Lifen’s go to sake recommendation – Genshu

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